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Download an example trade show RFP template for your next exhibit. Get tips to get the best designs and options.

Trade Show Exhibit RFP - Sample Download & Tips

At the end of the day, the purpose of any trade show exhibit RFP is to provide a buyer with a uniform set of information for comparison. It allows a company to get the best product, at the best price, customized for a specific set of requirements. After years of providing proposal responses, Metro Exhibits has created a template to help companies get the perfect display.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

The key to successfully receiving proposals that meet your specifications and give your company real choices, is by providing necessary information with enough detail. The more information you can provide the better the exhibit house can understand your brand, goals, and needs.

Example booth RFP Outline:

• Company and Brand Information: Provide the company’s mission statement, products, clients, markets, and scope
• Corporate Identity: include corporate identity and branding to convey colors, logos, and brand specifics
• RFP Deadlines: clearly list deadlines and delivery requirements
• Proposal Formats: detailed submission information, formats, and communication instructions
• Supplier Information: list of questions for vendors to respond to
• Program Overview: provide exhibit space and shows for the foreseeable future. Each space should be broken down with as many requirements as possible
• Costs: detail how and what you need cost breakdowns

Tip: Include trade show display exhibit designs that your company likes and dislikes and why. This will do 2 things: provide direction to vendors, and weed out uncreative vendors who regurgitate duplicates of displays you provided.


A trade show can be touched by many stakeholders in a company. To have a successful exhibit program for all stakeholders, it is extremely important to get requirements from marketing, sales, communication, etc. Each will have different requirement to add for the trade show display RFP. Tip: interview colleagues that have worked the booth in the past. This will allow you collect key information from the trenches on what worked and didn’t

Goals & Strategy

One of the key questions that the stakeholders need to consider is the goal and strategy of your trade show display. Goals examples could be to increase brand visibility, announce a new product, get quality leads, etc. Companies have such varied goals so there is no right or wrong answer for this. This strategy will dictate the direction and requirements for your next trade show exhibit. Examples include renting a double decker booth to achieve height over the competition, interweaving technology to promote interactivity, or offering a coffee bar or other hospitality areas right in the exhibit, etc.


Most RFPs will offer a standard question asking period, which is usually the only significant communication between the vendor and company. We believe that a display is much more than the design the price. Managing any exhibit program requires trust and service. The only way to test this relationship is to meet face to face for a discovery meeting and then a proposal presentation. Remember, any exhibit house can build a display, but it’s the people that really make the difference between success and failure

How to Submit RFP

Contact Metro Exhibits using the information below to submit your RFP:

Email: exhibitsolutions@metroexhibits.com
Call: 866.987.6387
Fill out the form below to have us contact you:


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